GET is TISAX Certified


We are proud to inform you that GET has become TISAX certified company. TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is an assessment and exchange mechanism for the information security of automotive enterprises and allows recognition of assessment results among the participants.

The certificate has been approved and published by ENX Association, an organization consisting of automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and four national automotive associations. With this being said, we became a reliable partner for all automotive industry companies. TISAX ensures that our products and services meet the requirements of our clients through an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS).


What does this mean to you?

We are committed to providing consistent high-quality services and products to our clients, as well as our ongoing investment in technology and development, that is why we opted to become   TISAX compliant. We underwent a thorough evaluation of our internal processes by an external, independent, TISAX accredited auditor by following the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA)  information security questionnaire. GET successfully completed it with the highest maturity level of the 3.0 mark for Informations with a very high protection level scope. Our results can be found on the ENX portal by all registered ENX participants Scope ID SL300M and assessment ID AYGTD6. 


Continuous Improvement for highest-quality results

As a TISAX certified company, GET follows the requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics set forth by this certification. Our Continuous Improvement strategy is set forth as a framework that enables us to continuously improve our internal processes towards the highest standards. Regular TISAX audits & recertification is part of our Continuous Improvement strategy and our strive for perfection.

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