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Bring clarity to your board meetings.

Meeting Master is a perfect tool for formal meetings like Board of Directors, Executive Board, Product Board, Shareholders Assembly and other formal meeting types.

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Meeting Master is a collaborative application software that provides support for organization of different types of board meetings.


Unlike the software products that cover only meeting execution, Meeting Master is designed to support the complete board meeting organization process from scheduling, topic nomination, document handling, meeting execution and meeting follow-up activities.

Meeting Master is fully responsive and all of its functionalities can be used on both computers and tablets. Also, its mobile application allows the executives to participate in meetings and vote on the go.

When do you need Meeting Master?

Complex board meetings with many different roles

Meeting Master is supporting the roles of Board members, Meeting organizers, Guests, People in charge of topics nomination and document preparation and other.

Board meetings with a lot of documentation

Meeting Master has a powerful system for documentation handling and automatic document generation.

Meetings where confidentiality is important

In Meeting Master you can adjust the visibility of each meeting and each meeting topic based on user role, position, department, topic type, topic confidentiality level and many other factors.

When you need efficient reporting

You can easily track all executive decisions and their execution status and prepare the reports for government, investors audit and other stakeholders.

Meeting Master Features

  • Meeting Scheduling

    Easily schedule and setup the meeting and inform all involved parties in only a few clicks.

Meeting Master Benefits

It gives the Board members a powerful but easy to use tool that will allow them to organize their daily agenda, access the board meetings and all needed documentation and vote safely and securely, from the meeting room or from any other location.

It saves time for Board meeting organizers by bringing the structured organizational process and by automatically generating all necessary documents and reports.

Makes the work easier for all employees in charge of topic nomination and topic document preparation by keeping all data and documents in one place and by bringing the powerful tool for collaboration on documents.

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Bring clarity to your
board meeting process

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